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This site covers a small branch (there are many) of those Goodwins who are descended from Josellyn Goodwin, born circa 1405 in England. The first of the line to emigrate to the New World was Daniel Goodwin, who ran an inn in Kittery, Maine, in the mid 1600s. Daniel's great-grandson, Nathan Goodwin, moved to Argyle, Nova Scotia, sometime in the 1700s.

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Goodwins in America

Daniel Goodwin, the immigrant

Edward and Matilda Goodwin

Descendants of Edward and Matilda

Ephriam and Almira Pierce

Sylvanus and Mary Leona

Descendants of Sylvanus and Mary Leona

Watson and Lenora

Descendants of Watson and Lenora

The Nickersons

Check out the Shelburne County Genealogical Society for more information on the Nova Scotia Goodwins.

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